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Sharole Bell


I joined Kin, in 1995. I have belonged to 3 different clubs in Kitimat. I started out with the Mountain View Kinettes then joined the Kitimat Kinettes, which both sadly no longer exist. My dedication as a new member Back in 1995 earned me Rookie of the Year, in 1998 I was honoured with Kinette of the year. Then quickly followed by the Gem and Founders Awards. I joined the Kitimat Kinsmen In1999 and in 2009 I was honoured by my club with my Life Membership.

Before Covid hit I achieved 2400% attendance. I have served on the District Executive several times. I’ve completed the role of Deputy Governor 6 times. I’m most known for the being the D5 Coordinator as have held this position 9 times.

Awards have always been my passion and served as District Awards Director four times. I’ve also been successful as the recipient of the deputy Governor (Gordon Anderson Zone Award) three times and the National Deputy Governor Award 3 times. I also participated as a member of the Kinsmen Foundation

board 2015-2019.

My biggest honor for me in Kin was being elected by my piers as their D5 Governor in 2021-2022.

As you may have noticed most of my Kin career is based off AWARDS. I truly believe the awards in our Kin Association made me the PROUD D5 Kin I am today. One of my biggest priorities has and will be to ensure D5 strives to participate in various awards programs.

Fun Fact: I was one of first female to become a full-fledged Kinsmen in the District 5 association.

I look forward to being your D5 Coordinator for 2024-2025.

Sharole Bell
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