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Wayne Joyce

District Secretary

I joined Kin Canada in November 2013 after our illustrious incoming Governor James Profitt, who was a work colleague at the time, invited me to a "beer-drinking club where you just give money away that's not yours to charity". I live in Langley in the Lower Mainland, BC with my wife and 3 young kids, who are very hyper and basically eat plutonium for breakfast. I work from home as a Software Engineering Team Lead from my basement dungeon.

My main passion/hobby is playing music - I play piano and guitar but also banjo, mandolin, bongo drums and whatever instruments my wife allows me to buy and thinks we have room for in our townhouse. A recent idea of mine to purchase a double bass was vetoed. I also jam with buddies on a weekend, busk and go to Open Mic nights. I do cover versions as well as write and play my own original songs, which are mainly on piano.

I also have a fondness for drinking beer.

Currently I serve as Club Secretary and will be performing the role of District Secretary in the upcoming year, I think mainly because I subscribe to the philosophy that if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself :)  And also because I'm 50, not 5.

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Wayne Joyce
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