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Ali Myhr

Awards Director

I'm Ali Myhr, a "Kin Kid" who serendipitously joined the Duncan Kinettes in 2021. Initially deterred by a reflexive "I'm too busy!" response, I discovered at my first Kinvention that I could contribute to Kin as much or as little as I wished, free from judgment.

Attending Kinventions and hearing heartfelt testimonials left a profound impact on me. Witnessing the remarkable generosity and accomplishments of Kinsmen, Kinette, and Kin Clubs nationwide at my first National Convention underscored the significant role these organizations play in our country's well-being.

Listening to families share their journeys living with Cystic Fibrosis was deeply moving, prompting reflection on the blessings of my own healthy children. It magnified the invaluable support Kin Canada and the Kinsmen Foundation provide, improving countless lives over the years.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University and experiences in Australia and Alberta before starting a family, I've found immense fulfillment in my career in Education and active involvement in my children's sports and activities. Joining Kin has enriched my life with fellowship, travel, and opportunities for professional growth.

As the Awards Director, I eagerly anticipate recognizing and spotlighting the remarkable efforts of individuals and Clubs in District 5. By doing so, my aim is to inspire and motivate others to join in our mission of "Serving the Community's Greatest Need." Kin Canada offers the perfect platform to make a difference and have a great time doing so.

Ali Myhr
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