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Brad Osolin

District Treasurer

Q: When and why did you join Kin?

A: I joined Kin back in 1993.  Although I have been volunteering with Kin since my childhood.  I joined because both my parents were involved and I enjoyed the events I had helped with.

Q: Where do you live: 

A: I live in Nanaimo.

Q: What are you passionate about:

A: I really enjoy helping people who are in need.

Q: Why you are in your position: 

A: I'm taking on the district treasurer as I was club treasurer for many years and I also enjoyed being on the executive last year.  Plus with the help of the new team I hope to keep the district fiscally responsible to the membership.

Q: What do you want people to know about you? 

A: As a retired Chief Cook I still enjoy cooking as a hobby.

Q: Why should folks join kin: 

A: I feel people should join Kin if they have a passion to help and educate others.  Also to meet others who enjoy those same ideals.

Brad Osolin
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